International MOU

International Academic Collaborations

Raffles University is poised to provide International Academic Experience to students during the course of their professional legal studies. The University has already entered into two such collaboration agreements during the Academic Year 2012-13.

1.Collaboration with Lisbon University

The MOU between University of Lisbon, Portugal and School of Law, Raffles University effective from 12th February 2013 facilitates student and faculty exchange programmes to conduct joint research projects, joint publications, organization of conferences, lectures etc on legal subjects to encourage research in legal field.

2. Collaboration with University of New Hampshire

The Franklin Pierce Center of University of Hampshire has nominated School of law, Raffles University as the National representative for India to organize various research and academic competitions. This association of School of Law encourages and provides opportunities to students of law in the international arena for Research & Employment in field of Intellectual Property Rights.