School of Humanities And Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Raffles University is founded on the conviction that Humanities and Social Sciences give purpose, direction, and value to education, and to the life with no less importance to the society than professional, scientific and technological disciplines. This multidisciplinary school strives for an all-round development of students to linguistically, socially, and ethically conscious individuals. The School aims at providing a center of common awareness, a sense of human responsibility, and for making a better future for the society.

As of today, the expertise in the academic field relates to possibilities of uses of active communication in various professional contexts, though it may also enhance its activities and expertise in emerging newer areas of social sciences. Our Mission is to continue to build on our history and recent evolution, and through careful and strategic growth, develop an academic entity that is seen as being on the vanguard of research and training in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

The School is upfront in providing intercultural and Communication Values, global Integration in post-IT culture, new knowledge society and creative economy, religion and tolerance in the emerging global society, new literary expression, world economic development.Apart from the thrust areas, the School is ready to go an extra mile in providing training packages in the areas of Soft Skills Development.