School of Basic and Applied Sciences

The School of Basic and Applied Sciences is committed to develop understanding of the fundamental principles of applied sciences that are competent in enhancing the learning experience and research temptation among the keen students. The School offers various programmes in the field of science at the graduate, post graduate and doctoral levels to emphasize on a close interaction between students and teachers for knowledge dissemination. The School is equipped to carry out both teaching and research through its various Basic and Applied Sciences disciplines, namely, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and Botany.

We adopt two folds of teaching methodology - one, prepare students according to the requirements of numerous professions and industries. Secondly, it also creates new scientific knowledge driven by intellectual curiosity besides the desire to have reliable information for application.

The School actively engages undergraduate and graduate students in learning and connects them to opportunities in employment and education. They are also encouraged to actively participate in student research conferences, seminars and workshops. Getting “hands-on” training on various applied aspects of Sciences has also been our main focus.