School of Engineering and Technology

The School of Engineering, in Raffles University, has been founded as a center of engineering excellence keeping before us the ideals of our founder Mr. Vinod Kumar Gomber. By his own example, Mr. Gomber had demonstrated the immense relevance of excellence in application to perfection in performance. Neemrana was chosen as being optimally suited for the establishment of the Raffles University in general and the School of Engineering in particular because it was best situated to meet the future engineering requirements of rapidly expanding industry in the Japanese Zone. Already, Japanese companies have set up industries in Neemrana that manufacture a range of products as diverse as telecommunications equipment, hi – tech glass, automotive components, complex polymers and air conditioners. In October 2013, Hitachi inaugurated two new projects for the manufacture of powdered metal products, mainly for engine and transmission components for two and four wheeler.

The rapid industrialization of Neemrana and contiguous areas coupled with the advent of the Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) will mean a growing demand for the kind of well trained and well prepared engineering graduates who shall pass out of the portals of the School of Engineering. The School has, today, all the necessary components to emerge as one of the strongest temples of engineering academia with high quality research slated to proceed alongside teaching by the faculty. Students would be encouraged to take up study of the Japanese language in addition to the normal curriculum so that they emerge as the natural choice for potentially top jobs in Japanese companies located not only in Neemrana but also worldwide.

Adhering strictly to the values of Mr Vinod Kumar Gomber which included quality education for the greatest number, the School of Engineering faculty, as also students, would take classes in polytechnics and other technical vocational training institutions so that the acquisition of skills should also benefit those in society who have hitherto lacked opportunities. The fruitful pursuit of this vision have propelled us towards emerging as on the top quality engineering college not only in Rajasthan but also in NCR.