Research Supervisor

Research Supervisor
(i) The University shall prepare data base of the registered supervisors, their field of interest and the infrastructure available in the Department/School/College/Approved Institutions.

(ii) The allotment / allocation of research supervisor shall not be the option of the individual teacher or the candidate. The allotment/allocation of the research Supervisor for eligible candidates shall be done by the School Research Committee depending on the number of available seats per research supervisor in the subject and according to the reservation policy as per rules of the University. If the supervisor of a candidate who is enrolled for Ph.D. in another University, has joined the employment of this University and the candidate has pursued the course in the other University for not less than one year, such a candidate, if he/she fulfills all requirements, may be permitted by the School Research Committee, to be registered as a research scholar of the University on the same topic. Such a candidate may submit his/her thesis after the expiry of not less than one year.


(i) All Professors, Associate Professor Teaching School / Department of this University will be ipso –facto eligible to act as research supervisors.

(ii) A Professor who has been appointed under the eminent scholar category can supervise Ph.D. students.

(iii) A teacher appointed through duly constituted Selection Committee and possessing a Doctoral Degree with at least Three years teaching experience of Post Graduate Classes or at least five years experience of Post Doctoral Research on regular fellowship.


(iv) A teacher appointed through duly constituted selection committee and possessing a doctoral degree with at least six years of teaching UG classes after having Ph.D. degree and having published five research papers in referred journals.

Teaching of distance education classes will not be considered teaching experience for the eligibility of the supervisor.