International MOU

International MOU

International Academic Collaborations

Raffles University is poised to provide International Academic Experience to students during the course of their professional legal studies. The University has already entered into two such collaboration agreements during the Academic Year 2012-13.

1.Collaboration with Lisbon University

dir Cooperation agreement between the school of law of the University of Lisbon and the Raffles University School of Law dir

The School of law of Raffles University has signed an MOU with faculty of law of University of Lisbon, Portugal on February 12, 2013 at a function organized by Raffles University. The School of Law was represented by its Director, Professor Marian Pinheiro, the faculty of law of Lisbon was represented by the President of the Institute of Juridical Co-operation of the Faculty of Law of Lisbon, Professor Doutor Maurao Dario. The MOU facilitates exchange of students and faculty for academic purposes. The students who are selected to visit and study for a term in Lisbon University will be given due credit for their research work at Lisbon University.

2. Collaboration with University of New Hampshire

dir Cooperation agreement between the school of law of the University of Hampshire and the Raffles University School of Law dir

University of New Hampshire is a world leader in the field of Intellectual Property. The Intellectual property center namely The Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property conducts various programs and competitions world over to promote study & research in Intellectual Property. The Franklin Pierce Center has nominated School of law, Raffles University as the National representative for India to organize various research and academic competitions. To begin with the School of law will be organizing its first the Franklin Pierce Intellectual Property National Essay Competition this kind of activities will open wider opportunities for the students of law in the international Arena for Research & Employment.