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School of Law

The last two decades have seen far reaching changes in the socio – economic milieu and the legal environment of the country in keeping with advances globally. We are now a society full of youthful aspirations which is no longer prepared to accept fate as pre-ordained; a society which firmly believes that success and justice come to all those who realize their potential and are aware of their rights. This attitudinal transformation has ushered in laws that have a fundamental impact on areas as diverse as investment, the rights of women, the right to information, the environment, land acquisition and the right to education.

School of Engg. & Technology

The School of Engineering, in Raffles University, has been founded as a center of engineering excellence keeping before us the ideals of our founder Mr Vinod Kumar Gomber. By his own example, Mr Gomber had demonstrated the immense relevance of excellence in application to perfection in performance. Neemrana was chosen as being optimally suited for the establishment of the Raffles University in general and the School of Engineering in particular because it was best situated to meet the future engineering requirements of rapidly expanding industry in the Japanese Zone

Alabbar School of Management

The Alabbar School of Management derives it’s ethos from the life and ideals of the late Mr. Vinod Kumar Gomber who established the Gomber Education Foundation and the leadership as well as robust business vision of Mohamed Al Abbar, the head of the EMAAR Group which is ranked highly in the Forbes list of global business entities. It was the fire, drive, energy and commitment of Mr. V. K. Gomber and the futuristic perspective of Mohamed Al Abbar, which enabled the construction of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


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