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Training Centers

A Law School of this kind needs to look beyond the four walls of its academic objectives. In an era when law and lawyering have grown beyond the portals of the court room, the law School needs to equip itself with such vision & training that its Alumni can bravely face the challenges.

  • "Alternate Dispute Resolution" center: Right from the British days and even there after India has lent its hope on resolution of disputes mainly by the method of adjudication. It is a well accepted fact that large number of arrears of cases is due to the system itself. The problem is systemic. The procedures & process of adjudication have found to be not only long drawn, time consuming but expensive as well. There is a concerted search for alternative systems of settlements of disputes. There are some votaries who hold the view that the of ancient dispute settlement system in India may help to solve the large pendency. In a large democracy like India which is governed by the principle of rule of law, the methods & procedures have to be clearly set and fair to the litigants. Arbitration and conciliation are emerging as viable alternative to adjudication. Despite there being legislation (the Arbitration Act 1996) the courts and the profession are very hesitant to experiment with these methods. This law School would like to be a trend setter to train aspiring lawyers and the students in the art of Negotiation & mediation. The Center hopes to take up live cases and initiate settlements. Such Endeavour will provide practical experience to the student community.
  • Intellectual Property Center: With the emergence of GATT as a regulator of International Trade & Commerce, the idea of Intellectual Property has gained prominence not only in the field of science, Business & Commerce but even in law. Understanding of intellectual property is not limited to the law alone but has necessarily to be multi-disciplinary and has transnational implications. Therefore it is inadequate to teach a subject like intellectual property within the confines of national & International rules & regulation. This is all the more important for a country like India wherein attempts have been made to appropriate intellectual property rights for our own traditional knowledge & systems. This threat can be overcome only by the use of multi-disciplinary & concerted training. The center has its mandate to train future professionals on various aspects of intellectual property rights.
  • Humanitarian Law & Human Rights Center: In the present knowledge age though one cannot perceive of any eminent war, competitions & consolidations between nations & within nations does breed injustice and affect unfairly some particular group of human beings. In this age of human rights promotion no nation can afford to avoid these conflicts and therefore there is a need to protect the rights of the disadvantaged. The Humanitarian Law Center will not only inculcate humanitarian values but will undertake humanitarian work in collaboration with International Agency like the International Council of Red Cross, other International & National NGOs.