Faculty of Humanities and Social Science

  • Dr. Ratika Kaushik


    Designation:Assistant Professor (English)

    Email Id:ratika.kaushik@rafflesuniversity.edu.in


    • Ph. D. [University of Sussex]
    • M. A. (University of London)
    • B. A. (H) (Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi)

    She completed her PhD in 2016 and also a degree of Masters in Arts in Comparative Literature Africa/Asia and Bachelor of Arts. She has worked at University of Delhi, Janki Devi Memorial College in the year 2011 and worked at University of Sussex as a co-tutor and researcher from January 2014-August 2014. She has completed six month training programme ELTP (English Language Training Programme). She has attended and presented in four international conferences in Paris, Lisbon and London and these conference papers have been printed in their respective journals. Her research interest includes Post-colonial cultures, South Asian diasporic Literature and Films. She is presently teaching English and Soft Skills in the University. Apart from academics, she has also been active in extra-curriculum activities such as sports, dance and dramatic representations. She has also played Volleyball at the state and national level.

  • Mr. Ritam Dutta


    Designation:Assistant Professor (English)

    Email Id:ritam.dutta@rafflesuniversity.edu.in


    • B.A & M.A (Comparative Literature): Jadavpur University
    • Ph.D (Pursuing): Pennsylvania State University

    Ritam was born and raised in Calcutta. After his MA, Ritam moved to USA with a Fulbright fellowship to teach Bengali at the India Studies Program at Indiana University, Bloomington. Ritam has worked as a journalist, a freelance translator and editor, and as a certified ESL teacher. He has also taught Children’s Literature at Pennsylvania State University. Overall, Ritam has now been teaching for 12 years in various capacities. Ritam also takes keen interest in translation and has co-edited a volume of Indian short stories in English translation, to which he has also contributed as a translator. Additionally, Ritam has published research articles & conference proceeding, book-chapters, encyclopaedia entries, translated short stories and poems.

  • Mr. Abdul Mabood

    Designation: Assistant Professor

    Email Id:abdul.mabood@rafflesuniversity.edu.in


    • PhD (Pursuing) from Aligarh Muslim University
    • M. A. (English) from Aligarh Muslim University
    • B.A. (English Hons.) from Aligarh Muslim University


    • A researcher in the field of Postcolonial Studies, currently enrolled as a Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He has presented his research papers in national and international seminars/conferences. His articles and papers have been published in various journals of national and international repute. His studies focus on Postcolonial Literature, Modern Theatre and Gender Studies. He takes keen interest in Human Right activities, social awareness drives and theatrical performance. He holds the positions of Executive Member, People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and Member of Gender Champion Scheme, Faculty of Arts, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in collaboration with MHRD and Ministry of Women and Child, Govt. of India.

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