Welcome to Raffles Alumni Association (RAA)

Alumni of an organization is its real brand ambassadors. Raffles Alumni Association has been formed to bring its alumni together and benefit with the support, power and reach they provide.

Aims and Objective:

The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

A. To provide a forum for the Members of the Alumni Association to interact amongst themselves as also with the Principal, Teachers and the present students of the various colleges of Raffles University

B. To bring together the ex-students of Raffles University and to promote fellowship amongst them and their families.

C. To disseminate knowledge and know-how for the mutual benefit of the Members as also for the benefit of the Colleges

D. To undertake

a. intellectual, academic and cultural activities

b. sports and games

c. entertainment programmes

d. social service etc. for the benefit of the Members as also of the College and for the society at large, as detailed under:

1. to undertake activities such as career counselling, medical check-up camps and other similar programs for the benefit of the present students of the College

2. to institute and award the prize, for the meritorious students of the College in the fields of academics, sports and other extracurricular activities.

3. to institute merit cum means based scholarships for the needy and deserving students of the College

4. to mobilise donations from the Members and others for charitable purposes for the benefit of citizens of this country in the event of natural calamities like earthquake, flood etc

5. to establish a permanent Corpus Fund for providing need-based financial assistance to the Members as also the present students of the College for the treatment of diseases and ailments.

6. to publish magazines and newsletters highlighting the activities and achievements of the Association.

7. to conduct, for the Members, various activities such as get-togethers, sports and games, picnics, excursions, cultural programmes, etc.


Any ex-student of any of the colleges of Raffles University and whose age is above 18 (eighteen) years as on the date of his/her Online Application for Membership of the Association available from registration page on Raffles University website, shall be eligible for the membership of the Association.

Contact Information:

For all correspondence the contact info will be as follows:

Registrar, Raffles University, Japanese Zone, NH-8, Neemrana, Alwar, Rajasthan.

Email: alumni@rafflesuniversity.edu.in